jeudi 9 février 2017

My hopes and goals

 Hello dear reader, in this blog i'll tell you somethings about my hopes for my futur. At first, you have to know that i was born in Italy and lived their for just one year, i visit my italian cousins almost every summer and i enjoy it every time i meet them. That proves that i really like that country so i wish one day i would be able to live in Italy and i also said in one of my old blogs that i am attracted by the job of my parents which is in the field of medecine so i would really appreciate to work in a hospital or even in a Italy maybe...why not !
I know that i must go throught several steps to achieve my goals, but i think i'm ready to face all the obstacles standing in my way.

Thank you for reading my blog  (let your opinion in the comments if you want) .

2 commentaires:

  1. Hi, Jaafar my name is Abigail Cortez. I like how you want to go back to where you're from, that's really cool! I've heard many amazing things about Italy too. It sounds like a gorgeous place to live in! I also like the field of medicine but I wouldn't be able to scared to join it. I hope you are able to achieve your goals even if they seem hard.

    1. Thank you Abigail for your comment. Actually, i don't understand why wouldn't you be able to join medicine field if you like it ?! Do you prefer an other field ?