dimanche 20 novembre 2016

For me music is...

Hi guys ! This my new article speaking about music . I am not a big fan of music (especially commercial music) but i sometimes listen to some Bob Marley's songs who is a legend of the reggae music style . One of my favourite reggae songs is "I shot the sherif" which i rarely listen to .
Recently , I started listening to dubstep while playing on my Playstation which make the atmosphere a little cooler with friends . So i think that dubstep is my favourite type of music even if listen to it occasionally ,and reggae will be my second choice . I have a really strange taste , for some people music is essential in their lives but i don't agree with them , for me it is just a normal art form !
At least , it happens to me to like the rhythm of some songs but not their lyrics , i just don't give too much importance to it !

This is my opinion about music !