mercredi 28 septembre 2016

About me and Tangier city !

     My name is Jaafar, i'm 16 years old and i was born in Rome, in Italy, where the majority of my familly lives. I live in Tangier, Morocco. I have one sister named Hafssa and we study all together study in DETROIT school.
I practice a lot of sports but i specially prefer playing football/soccer (freestyle) and mountain biking (freestyle), my favourite activity is playing online video-games with friends.
In the city of Tangier,i am proud of the diversity of languages, cultures and history.
All that is because of the strategic location
of Tangier, it is in the extreme north of Africa near spain and it has a view of the Atlantic ocean and the mediterranean sea.
But there is also some bad points that i would like to change in Tangier :
- More sport areas
- More hospitals
- improvement of maintenance of historic monuments
- More green areas.

6 commentaires:

  1. Hi my name is Joan and I loved reading your blog and getting to know little about you. I thought it was amazing how me and you share a couple hobbies like I love playing soccer its my favorite sport, also i love playing video games when I have time. Also one of the things that stood out to me where your pictures they were very creative . If I could could give you tip in life is to pursue and never give up on what you want to do in life.

    1. Thank you very much Joan for your comment! I am also going to read your blog, thank yo again for the tip.

  2. Jaafar, your choice of exercise is a very demanding one, but I believe you are one of the best on the team. Your view of the Mediterranean Sea and of the Atlantic Ocean must be very worth seeing with the naked eye. Jaafar, you must have a very hardworking school to be so generous to tell us about your local town. Must have very powerful legs since you since you work with them through your various sports that you enjoy. Can you jump while on your bike?

    1. Thank you Jared for the comment! I hope you will come a day in Tangier. For your question, yes i can jump while on my bike (bunny hop).

  3. Hi my name is Jackson. I also enjoy playing soccer, but i play on a team. I am not sure if we are on the same page, but the only freestyle soccer moves i know is around the world. I am curious to what kind of tricks you know. Regarding my hobbies, i mainly play Fifa 17 on my Xbox one, do homework, and play on my soccer team. This year my soccer team is first in the state. If we share the same console, maybe we could play Fifa together. I would easily trade the look of my redwood trees for your oceanic view. Do you play Fifa?

  4. Hello Jackson, i am also in a team but i don't use freestyle while a football game so this is not to important if you want to be a professional player. I can do some tricks like the double around the world but i haven't mastered it yet! GTA 5 and Fifa are my favourite games but i am sorry to tell you that i haven't an Xbox one, instead i have a Playstation 4. Now i'm thinking of buying Fifa 17 'cause my friends told me that it is more realistic than Fifa 16.
    Sooo thank you very much Jackson for your comment !